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Giving You The Confidence To Make A House Your Home
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Giving you the confidence to make a house Your Home!

Why ACE Home Inspections?

Ric Thompson, owner of ACE Home Inspections, brings a unique blend of experience that will prove to be an asset to both Realtor and homeowner. With over twenty years of construction experience and six years as a successful Realtor, our inspections give the buyer the facts without creating unnecessary alarm. At the end of the inspection, both Buyer and Realtor will feel that the decision is theirs to make, not the inspector.

Our extensive construction experience gives us vast knowledge that allows a thorough, accurate inspection without the guesswork. Our close relationship with local mechanical contractors provides in-depth knowledge of the major components of your home.

As a successful Realtor with over 150 transactions, we know the pain of the inspectors that inject too much opinion into their results. At ACE Home Inspections we provide the facts of what we find, you make the decisions. Every home is unique, and each inspection is dealing with a different situation. ACE inspections are conducted the same regardless of your level of handiness around the home, who you know that can help you out, or the financial situation of the transaction, . Facts, facts, facts are as important as "location, location, location" in Real Estate. You will walk away from our transaction without feeling pressure from us on what your next step is.

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We get a close look at every roof

There's no substitute for a hands-on, close-up inspection


Home Inspection

A home inspection will give you peace of mind knowing whether your new home is safe and sound, or what costs you can expect as the new homeowner.

Our home inspections are a comprehensive visual examination of your prospective home.  It is based on the State of Wisconsin Standards but will go a step further whenever possible and appropriate.  We inspect the interior of the home, including visible structure, electrical, plumbing, gas infrastructure, HVAC, and attic insulation.  On the outside of the home we inspect the visible structure, exterior finishes, windows, roof, decks, driveway and walkways.

With 20 years of experience in home construction, we use signs in the interior and exterior finishes of the home to tell you whether something needs further investigation.  Small cracks tell a story and we are able to inform you whether it will have a happy ending or not! An ACE inspection also includes helpful hints that help you, the homeowner, minimize maintenance and extend the life of your home and it's parts.

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radon testing

We provide a reliable, expedient radon test that can save you from health issues and unwanted expenses after purchasing your home. We will set the test monitor in the basement for 48 hours, then bring it back to our office for analysis and provide results soon after. The results come to you on a professional, easy to read report that tells you whether action needs to be taken or you are good to go!

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